Metrological Laboratory

Our metrological laboratory offers the Periodic Verification service
  • On automatic weighing system with a 1gr – 150 t range.
  • On any type of weights, weight sets mass samples and sample masses.
Precision range: O.I.M.L. “M1” or lower (M1, M2, ecc..). Nominal value goes from 1 mg to 2000 kg.
Our METROLOGICAL LABORATORY MO-04 is an independent unit of A.B.C. Bilance S.r.l., with a team of proved professional skilled technicians. It is authorized by the Modena Chamber of Commerce (nr. 591 of 20/10/2006). The Lab. operates both in house of ABC Bilance and directly at the clients warehouses.

For more informations call us at 059-527187

What is the Periodic Verification

According to the Italian Law, all the weighing systems used in relation with third parties (direct sale and commercial transactions) must be submitted to Periodic Verification within 60 days from the first use and then the scale must be verified every 3 years.
The Periodic Verification consists in checking the proper and lasting metrological of the Scale and the integrity of all its parts. If the Scale passes the Verification a Certificate will be released and an adhesive label will be stuck to the scale to prove that the Verification has been carried out correctly. The label shows the expiry date of the next Periodic Verification.

The new periodic controll, DM 21 april 2017 N. 93.

Metrological booklet

The new Law Degree n° 936 of 21 April 2017 was published on 20/06/2017. It contains the new rules about scales verification in compliance with the Italian and European law, which also regulates the automatic and non automatic scale.
The decree provisions became official on 18th September 2017 and the most important news are:
  • The introduction of the Metrological Booklet for all the weighing tools
  • The introduction of a new plan of accreditation of the Entities enabled to perform the Periodic Verification
The Metrological booklet was asked before only for the weighing tools that were submitted of the DIRETTIVA MID. Now it is released by the Entity that makes the First Periodic Verification of the device after the decree release. The booklet is filled out by the people who are in charge of the Periodic Verification, Repairing procedures and random controls; it is held by the Metric Organism. The organisms in charge of making the Periodic Verification, must be accredited by: UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17020 (in charge of Inspection Entities), UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 (in charge of Calibration Laboratory) and UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17065 (in charge of Certification Entities). The organisms that are in charge of Periodic Verification in compliance with the old laws, can continue their activities just for a temporary period of 18 months max.